Yogurt-flavored Sugar is NOT Yogurt!

>> Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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Before coming to the realization of how bad sugar is for the body, while I was growing up when I drank tea (the plain old Lipton black) I would load it with cream and sugar, occasionally warranting the offhand remark from any spectators - usually my parents - of, "would you like a little tea with your sugar?"

Today, a co-worker of mine and I cruised the skyway around lunchtime and noticed that the Sola store is finally reopened. We didn't walk in, but we did use the circumstance to comment on the ridiculousness of it. Although it only looked like the remodeling of their store resulted in changing a straight counter to a curved one, the real craziness that is associated with the frozen yogurt industry is summed up in my friend's remark, "Didn't we do away with frozen yogurt back in 1997?"

On top of all of this, entirely coincidentally, the Health Ranger - Mike Adams - posted a new article on how frozen yogurt is not health food, and it's really worth your time. It should be rather telling when the ingredient list for frozen yogurt is hard to find. Mike did some searching and found the vanilla yogurt powder that is used to make these desserts, and it's mostly sugar.  As sad as that is, by now we should probably not be surprised.

For the sake of your health, stay away from the frozen yogurts unless you totally understand that what you are buying and eating is no healthier than artificially-created ice cream. It is possible to make frozen yogurts and ice creams that are healthy, but the odds of finding such options in a restaurant or grocery store are stacked against you.

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The Stats About PHARMACEUTICAL Companies

>> Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pharmaceutical Companies
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