Olive Oil and Beyond: 5 of the Healthiest Oils

>> Sunday, May 5, 2013

The low fat movement is thankfully all but over and people are rediscovering the benefits of healthy fats. Fats are essential to help maintain a healthy body and can be used as an energy source, to normalize blood sugar, and to provide fatty acids needed for optimal brain function and tissue repair. Beyond these, there is also the misconception-busting role that healthy fats play in cardiovascular health and digestion.
There are plenty of great options to choose from, and the selection and availability is increasing all the time. To judge what people are using based on the grocery store shelves, many are using just using olive oil and perhaps vegetable oil, and the latter should be avoided if possible. There are plenty of other fats that you can add for health and flavor. Changing up the oils and fats that you use in your cooking and condiments will allow you to add a range of savory flavors that will take your mealtime experience to the next level.


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