What's so "smart" about the TetraPak Brik?

>> Friday, May 21, 2010

tetrapakImage by barely_legal via Flickr
Recently while discussing which kind of milk is good for you - a discussion that actually comes up a lot with me - I wandered off subject while looking for research and my thoughts came to the Tetra Brik, by TetraPak. Why I didn't see it before this, I'm not sure, but... these are essentially plastic bottles that are masquerading themselves as paper. The company specifically claims that the packaging is "consisting mainly of paper made from wood" yet inside and out, there are multiple layers of plastic and aluminum in addition to that paper.


ABC's of the Food Industry

>> Thursday, May 13, 2010

A is for Antibiotics; it's in what you eat, if you choose conventional dairy and meat.
(A's also for Aspartame, a sweetener to scare you. If you want some new tumors, go try it; I dare you.)
B is for Benzoate and the preserving of food. It's related to cancer and an A.D.D. mood.
C is for Calorie - each little one counts! Don't eat "heavy" foods - not even an ounce.


"Save the Whales" and Be Healthy?

>> Thursday, May 6, 2010

{{w|Bottlenose Dolphin}} - Tursiops truncatus ...Image via Wikipedia
The Cove is a crucially-important documentary that will hopefully surface on your must-watch list. This is an exposé on the massive killing, nay, slaughtering of dolphins that happens on a regular basis in one small Japanese town. When considering the intelligence, compassion, and empathy shown by these creatures, it's unimaginable that people would actively hunt and kill them by the thousands, but there's a health-damaging result of hunting them as well.


A Healthy Morning Routine

waking upImage by [phil h] via Flickr
Starting a day off in a healthy way is important because it usually also sets up how you're going to feel throughout the day. If you wake up late, and skip breakfast - or eat an unhealthy one - for example, your motivation to reset back to healthy habits is often lost.  On the other hand, mornings are also often seen as the stepping-off point of the day and it's important to get through them with a good, strong pace. You'll need to balance ease and speed with health, so here are some tips to get you going.


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