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>> Friday, November 16, 2007

When I was a child, our parents told my older brother and I that we should eat our carrots because it would improve our vision. He and I somehow wound up carrying this idea to the extreme view that eating carrots somehow bestowed a magical power to the eyes, going so far as to enable us with night vision. So that night there we were, two small boys in a dark room, armed with fresh carrots, happily munching away to kickstart our new superpowers.

Yeah, that didn't work.

However carrots HAVE been proven to aid one's eyesight, that much is true as long as you understand that one carrot stick just isn't going to do the trick. But try this recipe, from the Encyclopedia, for a delicious vision tonic:

Wash but don't peel two medium carrots (if you can get differing varieties get one each of the Chanteney and Nantes types). Juice these, and then wash-don't-peel and juice one small beet (eating the greens later). Blend these together with a half cup of unwhipped cream, half a teaspoon vanilla and half a teaspoon maple syrup.


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