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>> Sunday, January 17, 2010

The TimesOnline ran an article listing "20 great foods you aren't eating" which was brought to my attention by my cousin, so naturally I went to check it out. I'm a bit surprised by some of these recommendations in this article. Not only do many of them seem like things people really would already be eating every day, but as they're also labeled "superfoods" by the article, I wonder whether the author has actually studied nutrition or is just repeating some things she heard on the internet somewhere.

Baked beans are indeed fiber-full, but when purchased from the store they're also full of sugar. You can get your fiber and protein in different, less-sweet methods.

Green tea is great, but why stop there? Choose rooibos (or "red") tea: It usually tastes better, is naturally caffeine-free, and has many more times the antioxidants than green tea does.

Oily fish do make a great addition to one's diet, but in today's world one should always point out that you should be buying wild-caught fish and never farmed fish, especially when referring to how healthy said fish is.

Apples are another excellent food for which it should always be pointed out that it is vital to only eat the organic kind. Yes, the skin of the apple is where some of the best nutrients reside - but you may as well throw it away if it's coated with pesticides.

Oats should actually not be eaten UNLESS properly soaked in yogurt or dairy overnight. Oats contain phytic acid which binds with important nutrients in your body, preventing the absorption of those extremely important vitamins and minerals, leading to deficiencies and bone loss.

Eggs? Eggs are great, but not if you're buying conventional ones - choose eggs from organic, free-range hens.

Dark chocolate - yes, chocolate is sometimes considered a "super food" but don't let this convince you that you can snack out on your Hershey dark chocolate bar. Chocolate is a superfood pretty much only when it's served raw as chocolate nibs. It's nothing like the sugar- and soy-laden rushes that Hersheys and Mars put out.

The author also mentions almonds are a superfood. Sure, but does she know that in America, the almonds you buy in the store have little to none of the healthy properties she mentions? You can thank your government for protecting you from these nutrients because they have made it illegal to sell raw almonds here - even if they're labeled "raw" they are actually pasteurized and therefore partially- to fully-dead.

There are other minutiae I would mention in this article such as whole wheat pasta not being a good idea for those living a gluten-free life, but that's sort of obvious, so I'll skip it. Anyway, kudos to TimesOnline (UK) for thinking about health, but it would be nice if they put a little more research into their articles before finalizing.
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