ABC's of the Food Industry

>> Thursday, May 13, 2010

A is for Antibiotics; it's in what you eat, if you choose conventional dairy and meat.
(A's also for Aspartame, a sweetener to scare you. If you want some new tumors, go try it; I dare you.)
B is for Benzoate and the preserving of food. It's related to cancer and an A.D.D. mood.
C is for Calorie - each little one counts! Don't eat "heavy" foods - not even an ounce.

D is for Dining Out, but who knows what you're eating? There's a LOT that will linger from a meal that is fleeting.
E is for Enzymes that digest what you eat, without which your food is not quite complete.
F is for Farming of fish that you buy, with mercury, diseases, and colorful dye.
(F's also for FDA, checking food that is made. In rating it's job, F's also it's grade.)
G is for GMO, the tinkering of genes. Its worst end-effects have yet to be seen.
H is for HFCS - it's NOT healthy, but that doesn't matter to those it's made wealthy.
I is for Insects, for their color and shine. Think about what's in your food when you dine.
J is for Junk Food they serve in your school. Don't you think serving your kids THAT is cruel?
K is for Knowledge because you can't hide, pretending you don't care about what's inside.
L is for Lunch Meat, where you'll often find nitrate. Learn about this if that's what you ate.
M is for MSG - avoid if you're able. Get used to deciphering packaging labels.
N is for "Natural" Flavor and Color, which could be ANYthing healthy - or other.
O is Olestra, once for food - now a paint. Healthy, nutritious, and natural - it ain't.
P is for Pesticides and Propylene Glycol; these are not suited for food, not at all.
Q is for QUESTIONS and of health there are many. But answers from companies - indeed, are there any?
R is Radiation to make sure your food's dead. But live bodies need live foods; eat those instead.
S is for soy and if you've bought all the hype, some studying will show it's not right for our type.
T is for trans fat, which once doctors suggested, and unleashed this heart horror on us quite untested.
U is ultra-pasteurized which means that it's burned - and dead foods are bad foods, which you've hopefully learned.
V is for vegetable oil, rancid before buying. Coconut oil's better; it's an oil that's worth trying.
W is for wheat, well-known for its gluten. You'll need to know if it affects what you're eatin'.
X is in Rx, or medicine, as it's known. Don't use synthetics; choose the kind that is grown.
Y is for Yolks; choose yellow, not pale. "Pastured" is the word for your "egg holy grail".
Z is not the end of this list! Relearn what you know, find out what you've missed!

~ This post is part of Fight Back Friday, on Food Renegade ~

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Kelly the Kitchen Kop,  May 15, 2010 at 12:36 AM  

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An awesome rhyming post, you're sure to agree, read the ABC's of the food industry!<span></span>

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