McDonalds to CSPI: Buzz Off

>> Friday, July 9, 2010

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Guest blogger Doug Powers writes today on about the McDonalds CEO's response to CSPI's recent lawsuit threats. In a nutshell, McDonalds officially tells CSPI to buzz off.

CSPI's alleges that McDonalds is like the creepy lurker at a playground, handing out candy to children and corrupting the youth. That's taking it a bit far, and it ultimately says the consumer is too dumb to make their own decisions. It's not relevant whether you believe that many consumers out there are too dumb - or not - to refuse the offer of McDonalds food accompanied by the latest trending plastic toy. Let's take that out of the picture for now. The core reasoning behind CSPI's push is that by offering toys for which children will beg, parents everywhere will be broken down and forced to buy a Happy Meal for their whining darlings.

That's where CSPI can take a hike. Parents can, should, and must decide what they're going to feed their children. America is not the place for Food Laws that tell us not to eat such and such a food.  This, of course, is McDonald's point.

However what's not being said - and what most Real Food lovers out there know - is that there are some very important issues of health being overlooked. McDonalds' food is really not something people who are concerned about health should be feeding to children, whose bodies need every nutrient they can get to build a proper, healthy foundation. Even the salads that are offered at fast food restaurants such as McD's come with added sugars.

In addition to the poor nutritive quality of the food offerings, don't forget the amount of throw-away plastic that comes with these Happy Meals (and almost all McDonalds - or other fast food restaurant - meals, too); the toys, which are usually of such poor quality they seem made to be temporary, are made entirely of plastic and usually come wrapped in a plastic bag. These will all find their way to the ocean, landfill, or (at the very least) junk drawer in your house. Do you really need to be adding more garbage to these things?  The lids and straws of the drinks are plastic that is almost always chucked in the garbage. The salad dressings and condiment packages are disposable plastic. It's all garbage.

So, CSPI is wrong for thinking they can limit what kinds of food or products that McDonalds sells, McDonalds (and so many other companies) is (are) wrong for selling the harmful or useless products, and everyone else is wrong for buying it right up.

Jane, stop this crazy thing! I'll just go raise my own food, until they pass a law against that.  (Did I speak too soon?)

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