Hurom Slow Juicer, a few weeks in and loving it

>> Friday, September 10, 2010

We have several juicers - four, to be exact - in our house, now. The first three that we owned were all centrifugal juicers. I've got one at work so that I can juice there as I feel, we've got an old one as a gift, from a garage sale, that we never really used, and we had our prior best one in the kitchen for nigh-daily use. It was a rather nice centrifugal one that we also received as a gift, but it had a tendency to leak. We never really figured out what caused it to leak but enough was finally enough.
Please read the follow-up review.

Having recently read on that Mike Adams was changing his "best juicer" recommendation to the Hurom Slow Juicer, we decided to give it a shot and ponied up the money for the hefty price tag it carries. When we bought it, it was about $350.

Before ordering it and when we first received it in the mail, I was worried about how difficult it would be to clean. That's one of my primary concerns about a juicer; if it's a pain in the butt to clean up then eventually you get tired of using it. I am happy to say that despite having more separate pieces than the average centrifugal juicer, it's not really that much harder to clean at all. I don't really even know if there's any real additional minutes worth of cleanup; the hardest part of the Hurom to clean is the mesh basket - just like a centrifugal juicer. Unlike a centrifugal juicer, there is actually far LESS mesh to worry about, so you're not scrubbing as much as you normally would. After the mesh basket, the pulp dispenser tube is the next hardest to clean and it usually requires the use of the included toothbrush/pick tool - and it's a fairly quick clean, too. For the most part, you're really just rinsing off the pieces and that's it. Cleanup definitely will not dissuade me from using this one!

The Hurom is much more quiet than other juicers, in my experience. I suppose that's not a crucial selling point, but it's certainly nice. The machine gets its name from this aspect, from what I can tell. The "slowness" is because it only turns at 80 RPM and is thus quieter - but it produces juice just as quickly as any other juicer.

I'm very impressed with how much juice the Hurom puts out - and that makes the higher price tag quite worth it. With our previous juicers, my wife and I would often gather the ejected pulp and send it through the spinner again to get more juice out (and it did make a difference) but now... the pulp the Hurom puts out is practically completely dry. Amazing - and kudos to you, Hurom.

Shelled (right) and unshelled (left) almondsImage via Wikipedia
Buying the Hurom actually saved me about $100, too, because prior to this I was also considering buying a separate machine for making almond milk. Usually I make almond milk by sending soaked almonds through the Vitamix and then going through the tedious process of filtering it through a pressing bag. It took a long time. However, the Hurom has the excellent advantage of also being able to create nut (and soy, although I don't recommend it) milks and press them automatically. The end-product IS a very slightly bit more gritty than if I were to use the pressing bag, but it's well within tolerable limits and I love the time saved.

There are a few negative aspects. Putting your foods to be juiced into the machine is a little more difficult because the tube you put them in is a small one AND the instructions say that hard vegetables such as carrots need to be chopped into small pieces before adding. Everything other negative aspect of this machine is very small. There ARE more pieces as I mentioned before. It's a heavy machine, but I don't really see that as a negative aspect. It's supposed to have less foam for juices and it does, but not by much. I've also found that greens should be ripped or chopped as well as hard vegetables because if you don't they turn into string which makes it a little harder to clean. Overall, these downsides do NOT make any kind of impact on my joy of using it.

I love it SO much more than the old centrifugals!
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