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>> Friday, October 1, 2010

Breads and Bread rolls at a bakeryImage via WikipediaA good friend of mine asked me to look into breaking the carb addiction - a request made with pastry in-hand. I wish I had the easy answer; I still love breads and sweets myself and keep trying to find ways to put more and more veggies in my diet to crowd out the hunger for the things I've felt addicted to.
The typical solutions involve tricks such as "just eating less" of whatever you're having troubles with... drink water to keep yourself not hungry for other things... or keep busy with other things so you don't think about your addiction. Most of the suggestions I find to be very, very good ones - especially drinking a lot of water, since we're supposed to be doing that already.

The thing that helps me turn down the free bagel in the lunch room, or choose NOT to get the pumpkin/banana bread at the morning cafe? Knowledge. Really finding out what sugar or wheat does to your body makes me fear it, and when my head's full of bits of trivia about how this is all slowly-but-surely making me sick, rotting my teeth, or in some other way generally killing me - I can choose to refuse.

Recently, Tim Ferris, of the Four Hour Workweek fame, shared a book excerpt that I found extremely compelling. Before clicking on the link in my reader I was wondering whether he was playing around with his traffic-focusing title generator again, but once I started reading I couldn't look away and realized how it's actually an accurate caption: How to Keep Feces out of Your Bloodstream. Odds are probably good that if you follow nutrition you've come across this article but it's definitely worth mentioning nonetheless. When you realize what gluten is probably doing to your system even though you're not celiac, when you know that a little bit of gluten affects your system for a period of up to two weeks... it's easier to make the right choice about what to eat.

Take a moment to sit back and think about all the times you've ever had a cold. Overlay the knowledge that even a tiny bit of sugar will make you vulnerable for six hours to catch another cold - and you have more strength to turn down that piece of cake. There are so many reasons why sugar is harmful to your body. You should make it a high priority to learn them and keep that knowledge close to your heart. Review what a sugar is so that you know what to avoid; it's not all just white granules. Processing of sugar today involves a highly technical process that takes the natural sugar sources and boils them, mixes them with chemicals, rinses them, boils them again, dries it, and all sorts of things. They are processes that are not body-friendly.

So that's it. No real tricks, no plan to follow for a perfect, carb-free diet. Just a simple instruction to "arm yourself with the truth" when facing down the next donut warrior that comes knocking on your door.  Good luck, and keep your strength up!

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Anonymous,  October 1, 2010 at 10:52 AM  

those are the exact reasons i avoid that crap.  i know it's bad for me although the taste in my month is tempting

Psychic Lunch,  October 4, 2010 at 7:53 AM  

Delicious, but unhealthy... I totally agree; it's oh-so-tempting but knowing all this keeps me from eating it.  I've got an extreme temptation right now at home in that my mother-in-law baked a Ukrainian birthday cake for my daughter recently and I KNOW it's delicious... but it sits there untouched (by me, at least) in our house... sigh!

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