Allergies, a personal note

>> Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So, I finally got the chance to do some allergy testing and not unsurprisingly it turns out I have some allergies. Well, not really just "some" allergies - more like a lot of 'em. Nothing like an "eat a peanut and die" kind of allergy, but at least I know what causes my problems now.  I've tested it; avoiding the foods the blood test points out does work. It's just not easy.

I'm foremost allergic to brewer's yeast, which as I understand thanks to the internet means pretty much all alcohol is off-limits. That's fine, I guess. Most of my life has been filled with little- or no- drinking anyway. There was a time when my friends would see me with a drink and ask whether I actually drank or not.  So, now I have a true, physical reason to avoid it.

But a brewer's yeast allergy doesn't bother me. Neither does the blue cheese allergy which is 3rd on the list of personal no-no's. In second place is corn. Fourth? Eggs. Great. Like those aren't found in absolutely everything!  It's been so long since I've been blogging (since April? Wow.) that I've forgotten a good number of contacts that I had and miss... But at least there are resources.  I'm either going to have to memorize lists like this or just let this influence me to live the way I know I should.

That's the way to look at adversity, right? How can it make me better? Basically the foods I'm not allergic to are almost all vegetables and fruits, and all meats except pork. So I'm looking at essentially a primal kind of diet. I can get used to that, I think.

I don't know whether this one allergy test tells me whether I'm only allergic now and if I can heal and incorporate some of the off-limit foods - like green beans. I also don't know whether this really only tests "mainstream" foods; it says I'm allergic to milk but does that mean raw milk? I personally doubt it.

I'm not sure where to go from here, except to just keep eating more greens.  I'm safe with greens.


Anonymous,  November 10, 2011 at 5:38 AM  

I am so sorry! It is better to know, but still, what a pain! There are lots of things that can help, so while you restrict your diet for a while, maybe it will comfort you to know that it might be a short-term change. We had great success with one of our allergic children healing the gut. Another responded well to reducing inflammation with quercetin and herbs like turmeric. One is still having problems despite my best efforts.

You are so fortunate that you are already eating a diet low in processed foods. That change is already in place. And catching food allergies earlier rather than later is also a good thing...inflammation in the body (and allergies are an inflammatory response) can cause problems like heart disease.

After you get used to your "primalish" diet, take a peek into your body care routine as well. It's not high priority and I don't want you to feel overwhelmed, but with corn in second place, you might need to look beyond your mouth for problems.

Welcome back, by the way, I'm glad you're posting again!

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