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What's this all about?

I'm just a dad with a longing to be healthy and near his children. That's it, in a nutshell, but naturally there's more. Usually, I sit all day at the computer working on projects for large corporations that through some twist of fate are big food manufacturers. I find it a bit ironic because everything they produce goes against the "principles of food" I have come to believe in.

But let me back up a bit.

I grew up as a fat kid because, due to my inborn love of computers, I sat a lot when I was young. It is not fun whatsoever to be overweight, and being so while young only magnifies the discomfort. Through dieting, I gained a fairly-normal physical size, and since then usually followed a fairly good eating regiment and exercised somewhat properly.

I'm not sure at what point I started "waking up" to realize the sorry state of food production in America, but it was mostly after 2000 that it really started hitting me. I had always been healthy but started noticing slight failings in my body; skin problems. For years I didn't know what was going wrong and I tried everything I could think of, going as far as using off-the-shelf hydro-cortisone. Nothing "fixed" it until I discovered the book, "Never Be Sick Again" by Raymond Francis. I just happened to walk by it while it was on display at the bookstore, and on impulse I picked it up.

I had known about white flour and sugar being bad for you, but this book helped me discover that the OILS we consume are particularly bad. I discovered how despicably the healthy oils, such as coconut oil, had been maligned by financial interests in America, and that opened the door to an entirely new consciousness of being healthy.

So in the end, it has come down to this: I want people to be happy and healthy. I want to devote my life to helping others in a way that I can still spend time being with my family. I want life to have a personal, caring touch. I want it to start right now.

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