Government uses The Henson Company to push junk science on kids?

>> Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Department of Health and Human Services, along with the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research (APTR), First 5 California and The Boeing Company are funding an episode of The Jim Henson company in order to bring the mainstream vaccine message directly to your children. On October 26th, Sid the Science Kid, a show aimed at preschool- and kindergarten-aged children, will be airing a special episode aimed at convincing children that vaccination is how to keep from being sick.

The episode will center around Sid's school's vaccination day, dealing with his and his friends' feelings about receiving a shot.

I will be watching this show as soon as possible to see exactly what and how they are going to present this information, but I can already guess that there will be no dissenting views against vaccination that will be shown in any kind of positive light.

Most likely they will show the kids as nervous or frightened about the pain of being stuck with a needle, and then some rationally-sounding doctor type of person will reassure kids that there's absolutely nothing dangerous about getting a shot.

This, of course, as many and more people are realizing today, is as fictional as the characters themselves. It is refreshing to see that three out of four responders to a pro-vaccination opinion on PBS's own website stand adamantly against the process. It is refreshing because it means more people are actually pausing to consider the history and ramifications of vaccinations before running out and injecting whatever pharmaceutical company X says is safe.

I think the recent (and ongoing as of this writing) swine flu outbreak may be actually more of a boon to proving the falsehoods of vaccination. Not only are the terrible side effects of the swine flu vaccine from the '70s rather well-known, but the fact that this current vaccine was rushed through production has given people this pause for reflection. However, as this children's episode proves just by its creation, the war is certainly far from over. I know friends and co-workers personally who rush right out every year for the latest flu shot, due to ignorance or propaganda.

Stay strong, and keep hope alive. Eventually truth will win out, but I hope not many more will contract autism or die in order for it to prevail.

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