Plastic-wrapped STRAW

>> Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Welcome to America, where we sell miniature, plastic-wrapped bales of straw to people who want to pretend that they've been hard at work harvesting the crops.

These tiny bales cost a whopping $20.00. They're really only about as big as a medium-sized dog, so the consumer is obviously going to have to buy more than one - probably at least three - if they intend to have any kind of realistic, faux display of the harvest season. On top of all that, they've wrapped these tiny bales completely in plastic simply for the sake of convenience. God forbid if straw gets scattered about the shipping trucks or the store while these miniscule bales packaged theft get shipped about and stacked for display.

At least this is a step up from the giant, plastic, inflated Santa Clauses that were soon to be seeing. This doesn't waste energy when you plop it out on your lawn and it promotes the economy since you'll need to buy more next year.


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