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>> Monday, November 16, 2009

While recently investigating milk history for an article, I came across this rebuttal to the Weston A. Price foundation's claim that reduced-fat milk initiates the process of heart disease.

In Manfred's rebuttal he claims to quote opposing facts, but his facts range from agreeing to the production method of powdered milk to simply stating that he doesn't know of any contrary evidence.

He claims that the cholesterol amount in skim milk powder would be insignificant. I am not an expert on milk, so that certainly could be true. However, this does not address two important facts. There still will be SOME oxidized cholesterol in the powdered milk, and the amount of this you want to consume is NONE. Also, adding oxidized milk (i.e. powdered) to non-oxidized milk will soon contaminate all the milk.

But rather than debating his so-called facts, I think the more important question would be to ask who he is, and why he is interested in defending industrial milk production.

He is a German-born man and he gradutated from a professional dairy trade school later attaining a PhD, MS, and BS in dairy science.

He has been involved in dairy processes his entire life, but this time would also have been during the already-established industrial-style dairy production. Thus, Mr. Kroger would most likely have been taught and trained in typical manner. He has also, then, held numerous professorships in the realms of dairy science. This all could be either for or against his case.

It gets more interesting when you look at his professional memberships, positions, and awards.

He has spent decades of his life belonging to organizations intent on promoting industrialization and homogenization of agricultural (dairy) practices. These organizations, among other things, do not believe that farms produce food. Their concern is for the industrial commodities that farms unite to create resources for. These are not the type of organizations that would ever have any intention on promoting small, individual farms OR the small-scale production of certified milk.

He is a current editorial advisor for Prevention magazine, a publication known for its heavy promotion of mainstream foods, production methods, and pharmaceuticals.

He is a board member of numerous dairy science boards and journals. He is advisor to multiple foundations and associations of milk producers and dealers.

It is immediately clear that Manfred Kroger, PhD, has made a lifetime of promoting modern dairy practices and is financially interested in maintaining these practices.

Follow the money.

in reference to: Silly Statements about Skim Milk (view on Google Sidewiki)


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