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>> Friday, November 19, 2010

FdaIt is time to stop FDA tyranny against dairy farms! I woke up this morning and was almost immediately looking for any news about the S.510 Senate bill, the "Food Safety Modernization Act". It is beyond baffling that a bill like this could be recommended in its entirety by the committee to be voted on by the Senate. But then, knowing how infrequently (if ever?) our Senators and Representatives actually read the bills they're voting on, I guess I'm not surprised.

Setting all the articles of this bill aside, consider where the money is coming from on this one. charts it out for us, showing that three times as much money is being given to Senators by organizations that support this bill as opposed to its opponents. And for the most part, the supporting organizations are all big industry and big government types, such as restaurants and drinking establishments or food/etc manufacturers (these are the top two contributor types). Think General Mills or Kraft Foods, the kinds of businesses that make gobs of money selling highly processed and packaged foods. The groups that oppose this bill are proponents of small farms, organic and/or local produce, and healthy foods, such as the Weston A Price foudation,the John Birch Society, or the National Family Farm Association.

This is it, if there ever were a more blatant power grab by large corporations. And what do you think will come of it? Watch Farmageddon (trailer) and take a guess. If this passes, you can expect to see more and more frequent farm or co-op raids, with arrests for people because they violated some obscure "health violation" created by this bill. Because corporate farms cannot compete with local, sustainably-produced foods, this bill will eliminate their competition for them.

If you don't believe that, consider the Morningland Dairy Farm of California Missouri, a family farm caught up in the Rawesome Foods raid of 2010. They are but one example of how the power of the FDA can be wielded to destroy "the little guy". They're in trouble now, so read about their story and please consider contributing something to their cause. If businesses like theirs go under, eventually all that's going to be left is the factory farm.  So, save Morningland Dairy! Save the family farm. Rescue the spirit of what made our country great: you, me, and honest, hard work.

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jmmatlock,  November 23, 2010 at 9:38 PM  

Great post!  Just a quick note - Morningland Dairy is actually located in Missouri, not in California.  Interestingly, since one of the things S. 510 would do if passed is restrict interstate commerce from small farms like Morningland Dairy, should they ever get back on their feet (and I hope they do), S. 510 could make it illegal for their cheeses to ever get back to Rawesome again.

Psychic Lunch,  November 24, 2010 at 7:27 AM  

Thanks for the heads up, jmmatlock! I did give a cursory glance at where they were from, but obviously I didn't look hard enough...  :-[

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