Colour Me Surprised - but just not my teeth.

>> Friday, January 7, 2011

Clean drinking water...not self-evident for ev...Image via WikipediaActually, I'm not surprised at all. Neither are, I would imagine, any of the other opponents of fluoride being added to the water supply. It's being revealed now - after 50 years - that the government finally admits one aspect of negative fluoride effects. Fluorosis, or the discoloring and perhaps even slight pitting of teeth, is finally being admitted to.

The articles announcing this are - of course - downplaying this by insisting how fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral in water and soil. They are preconditioning their readers by saying this admission will invigorate anti-fluoride movements.  They're right.  But they're also misleading you. The fluoride used in treating public water supplies, or used in adding to store-bought bottled water and toothpaste, is not naturally-occurring. It's a man-made product that oh-so-conveniently is sold for profit to communities.

That's just it. Before you buy into either side of whether or not fluoride is healthy for you, find out how much money is being made and by whom. Then, especially considering all the actions being revealed by corporations and governments in the recent Wikileaks documents, ask yourself: Who do you trust? Do you really trust the agencies that claim this reduces cavities - and if so, why haven't cavities been decreasing in occurrence since the nation began fluoridation? If you brush, floss, and fluoridate, why aren't you cavity-free?

Couldn't, by some chance, cavity frequency be determined by genetics and most importantly, nutrition? It's certainly a much more natural solution.

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