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>> Friday, January 14, 2011

A cup of hot chocolate, with whipped cream, ci...Recently, Lifehacker had a post about how to make a better-tasting instant hot chocolate mix, linking off to Cook's Country that revealed the recipe as including dry milk powder, confectioner's sugar, salt, white chocolate chips, and Dutch-processed cocoa powder.

That's... well, the best word I can come up with to compliment such a recipe is "convenient" but convenience has long since failed to be a positive trait when it comes to food, for me. The only "good" ingredient in the list is just the cocoa powder, provided you've chosen an organic option. Everything else?  Pass, thanks.

It's so incredibly easy to make hot chocolate at home, that tastes amazing and is actually healthy for you. Try this next time:

1 cup of milk (if you can get it raw, do so)
5 drops of vanilla stevia
1 tbsp raw, organic cocoa powder
1 tbsp virgin coconut oil

Heat this to the desired temperature, remembering that if you're using raw milk you should try to keep a lower max. temp. You don't have to wait until it's all mixed together. In fact, it probably won't mix together easily. Sometimes I've sat there and ground the cocoa powder until it's blended, but that was before I started adding the coconut oil. It's better to just transfer your cocoa to a Vitamix (or other) blender and spin it up for a few moments. If you bump it up to a really high speed, the coconut oil actually turns into a really delicious froth.

That's it; pour it into a mug and enjoy.  No sugar, no processing, no preservatives, and some actual health benefits from the raw ingredients. This gets us through the wintery months ... and through the summer ones, too. If you enjoy this recipe, or have a great variation, please let me know!  And as a quick disclaimer, yes those are Amazon affiliate links, but I really don't believe I'll be seeing any revenue from them. Last I checked, I think I have .58 cents sitting in my affiliate account. (thank you, whoever it was that bought something after clicking one of my links!)

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