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>> Friday, March 26, 2010

With a heartfelt sigh, I've returned to the land of cold. Of course, it's not entirely frigid here in Minnesota but compared to anywhere you can walk barefoot on the beach, it's cold. However I return from California, from the Healing Miracles LIVE conference, filled with inspiration and appreciation. There were a range of perspectives given by the various speakers touching on a number of topics, but all together, one gathers a picture of health both clear, instructional, and uplifting.

Len Horowitz opened the conference on Friday night with a prayer and a clear, evident conviction of God leading his life. (Thank you for that, Len.) He talked strongly to the point of, as he calls it, hydrosonics. This is kind of an amalgamation of the importance of water together with atunement to the natural order of the world. So much can - and does - interfere with your spiritual well-being which directly relates to your physical being nowadays! Len talked about the pitfalls to avoid and paths to take to lead you aroudn this interference.

Mike Adams opened the next day on a subject akin to Dr. Horowitz's, building on it and putting it in such a way that you can grab on and hold dearly to the message. He explained that while all the nutrition is important, and that you should do all you can to avoid the prevalent toxins of today, and exercise, and purify your body, your spirit - your faith or your BELIEFS - are just as important to being healthy as all of that. Modern science knows about, but flatly disregards the strength and resourcefulness of the human mind. Scientists enable billion-dollar decision-making through processes dependant on testing that can and is unreliable at best and laughable at worst. You can be your own placebo, building on your healthy lifestyle, to superpower your life.

Then there was Charlotte Gerson. A great lady, nearing 90 years of age and yet with a straight posture, full of vigor... full of LIFE. Her message was simple, and yet is unheard today - unheard, that is, by modern science. If I could encapsulate what she said in a sentence, you should take the Standard American Diet, throw it away, and eat right. This is essentially the therapy that they give to the patients at the Gerson institute, an organization built according to the studies of her father. These patients arrive sick and leave healthy - even when plagued with today's "incurables."

Julian Whitaker has been healing patients through nutrition for over 30 years now and the message he brought to the conference was that curing the prevailing type two diabetes is a simple thing; you have to do SOMETHING with the patient's weight. In most cases when a patient uses pharmaceutical solutions to treat their disease, weight gain is inevitable. People have an average weight gain of 20-40 pounds when on insulin. Considering this and the fact that DEATH is another side-effect of these drugs, it's insane to consider this. Using natural, simple answers such as fasting and proper nutrition with real food, patients can cure themselves.

One of my heroes of real food is Jay Kordich. I read his book early on, and refer back to it often. I never knew the effect of listening to him in person, but I'm convinced that if anyone were to listen to him for a period of time, they would convert to his style of eating. His story is a similar one as anyone who has an alarming wake-up call; he was "dying" early, and refused to buy into modern medical answers. Instead he began his juicing regimen and today he's nearing 90 years old - and the only weakness he shows are in his knees, which were replaced in his 20's due to sports injuries. The way he speaks with a loving wisdom is his power, and his message is twofold: Eat raw, living foods to support your living body, and juicing those foods turns them into superfood concentrates. As I teach my children from his book, "When you're green inside, you're clean inside."

Carolyn Dean walked up on stage and I couldn't really listen to the beginning portion of her lesson after the moment she told me her age. She's just over 60, and I couldn't believe it - I was thinking she could maybe be 40 to 45 tops. Anyway, Carolyn's moment on stage was mostly as an introduction to her viewpoints of natural health, and how she came to write her book, "Death by Medicine" and the revised "Death by Modern Medicine." I'm glad to have been introduced to her, and could easily have listened to more.

Dr. James Chappell - Dr. Chappell had, it seemed, less time on stage than Carolyn, and that, too, also seemed too short. I believe he wasn't on the schedule originally, but he was yet another welcome voice on real food and health. He's a naturopath who encourages his patients to live healthily by knowing what's actually good for them.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend, a great conference, and a fantastic start to the future conferences that will be hosted by the Natural News University. Thank you, Mike Adams, Jonathan Landsman, and everyone else who made this opportunity available! I hope to see more opportunities like this in the future - and more often, too!

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Alix,  March 26, 2010 at 10:57 AM  

What a great summary of our conference. It was so incredibly inspiring. I'm really glad you summarized Horowitz' stuff for me... I'm still reeling from that one and trying to wrap my head around some of it by reading one of his many books right now. I'm in a bit of a spiritual crisis (very questioning right now) so I'm very intrigued and just paying attention to that fact and trying to follow it.

Awesome to meet you last weekend. Hope to see you at another event!

Psychic Lunch,  March 30, 2010 at 3:18 PM  

<p>Thanks, Alix! It was so very great to see and learn everything there! And it was great to meet you, too <img></img>.  I have the detailed notes on many of the other topics and will publish them when I get a chance - things sometimes move through Draft mode a little slowly for me!

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