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>> Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Having recently returned from California, there attending the Healing Miracles LIVE conference put on by Natural News, I didn't have a chance to write about the passing of the health care reform bill this weekend. It was basically a given that President Obama would sign it, and as he has done so, this is as good a time as any to reiterate how this is a terrible, terrible law.

Although it's been said before in more elegant terms by at least a couple of the people I follow, I don't have their links onhand* to quickly rattle off for reference. But - happily, and unsurprisingly - I see now that Mike Adams over at Natural News is, once again, right on the ball with timely commentary and a video chat about this.

As any rational person should be able to surmise, w  * What they are saying about this new health care reform law is absolutely spot on. Not only is it NOT a method of preventing any kind of disease, but it also unjustly forces us to pay for something we neither want nor need. It is far more sensible to pay higher prices for real food and by doing so avoid the debilitating diseases in the first place than it is to pay ever-increasing monthly fees for a product that is entirely useless when you live and eat properly.

Lest you may have forgotten (or in great likelihood never learned; schools are government-run after all),  * Thomas Jefferson was known to say, "to compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical." In other words, "forcing someone to buy an insurance they neither want nor need is wrong." It doesn't matter how bighearted you are, there is absolutely no justification in the world that makes it right for anyone - a thief or the government - to take money from one person and give it to another - no matter how much they might need it. Once you cross that moral boundary even with the best of intentions, it simply opens the door for larger, more worse transgressions by others.

In case you may be held by the excusably-rational fear of random unknown happenings, that is, accidents, *** Accidents can still happen, but there still exist legitimate options that would cover things, say, such as a broken leg or arm. Even though it cannot be stressed enough how important it is - especially if you love your family - that you buy unprocessed, organic, and sustainable foods, there are organizations that are cost-covering unions that you can join. Our family has not needed to actually use them yet, thank God, but we belong to Christian Healthcare Ministries. Without really even searching you can even find alternates like this one very easily; try Samaritan Ministries or Christian Medi-Share. These are all organizations that exist as a kind of Christian "insurance". They're not going to pay your monthly or even yearly check-up, but you should not be needing those to begin with. They just cover emergencies when you need it, both with prayer and through member donations.

Government does not have all the answers and should not be looked at to provide you with any priveleges. Always remember that if you receive a benefit from government, someone else loses money for you to have it. It's up to you to keep your body in good health.

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* I am changing this line because I believe this to come across as condescending, even though it was not written with any such intentions.

**The second removed line voices the author's personal discontent with public schooling; I believe that public schools do not teach these kinds of concepts from the founding fathers; I am not sure.

*** Amending this line because it's just really wordy. 
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