Natural Cures' First Five Rules for Staying Healthy

>> Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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I've had Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About by Kevin Trudeau on loan from the library now for a good long while and I've found myself bookmarking a lot of the information in here for sharing, even though it is taking a while to read. While a full review is still forthcoming, in a nutshell my opinion of the book so far is that there is a lot of great information, relatively little in a way of proof or referencing, a lot of fearmongering, and a good bit of backhanded salesmanship that promotes the author's wares. I've looked up the author somewhat online and found a good bit of controversy about him, so I do read what he has written with a little caution, and I also feel that some of what he says is charlatanry. All that being said, I strongly agree with a lot that is said, and wanted to share some of the things I'm finding here, paraphrased in my own words.

Without furher adieu, here are five things you can do to stay healthy:
1. Avoid processed foods. This may be incredibly difficult for most people, and understandably so. We live in a world where nearly every food option is processed, packaged, or in some other way manufactured for our convenience. But when food is produced in such a, as it were, "soul-less" manner, by then consuming it you are replacing your daily nutritional intake with a food doppelganger; it looks like food, and usually tastes like it, but in reality it will slowly kill you instead of slowly build you up. Be especially wary of any food that actually claims it is good for you. A lot of marketing has gone into those foods, so not only has the nutritional value of the food probably been lost, but you're also paying for a bunch of people to sit around thinking up ways to get you to part with your hard-earned money over it.

2. Take time to re-think your dentist and your teeth. If you have unhealthy teeth, that's not a direct symptom of simply eating too much sugar or not brushing and flossing well enough. Try to think of your teeth as more of a window to your state of well-being. Teeth do not fall out of the mouths of healthy people! Consider that dentists are just as human as you or I, and that just because they've gone to school they are not "tooth gods" and do now know everything; at one time, it was commonplace for teeth to be filled with amalgam fillings, and shockingly there are still some dentists out there that probably still do this. It has been proven how heavy metal toxicity is a result of such fillings, and modern dentistry is finally coming around. That being said, have you ever considered that fluoride treatments may also be poisoning you? Yes, "dentists everywhere" recommend it for preventing cavities, but considering that most public waters are fluoridated and you yourself may very well have been using a fluoride toothpaste and/or rinse all your life: why are cavities so prevalent yet today? If fluoride actually worked like they said it did, wouldn't this be having some kind of effect by now? Why does your toothpaste say that an accidental ingestion of more than a brushing's worth of toothpaste is reason to call the poison hotline? The answers are all related, when you know that you do not need to poison yourself to become healthy.

3. Stop smoking, if you are. Don't start, if you're not. Wait, does anyone really need to explain this any more? And if you are smoking while knowing just how bad it really is for you, you may be beyond hope. I don't know.

4. Drink water. Real water! Just as food has been twisted into something unrecognized by nature, so has plain water. Research the best way to filter your water and from then on only drink pure water. We use a Berkey countertop water filter in our house, but even still I'm not 100% convinced that this is all we need.  We live in a world full of contaminants, and they have a particular knack for finding their way into our water supply. It's not hard to imagine how. They could be purposely dumped; it has happened before and people will do so again if they can imagine they won't get caught. They can be accidentally spilled. They could leak from other waste. They can leach out of non-garbage. They can be by-products from unrelated industry. Poisons are even used as a method of cleaning the water before it's made available for you to drink. Long story short, filter your water.

5. Along the same lines as number four, make sure to get a filter for your shower and/or bathtub as well. You can breathe in the poisons as well as absorb them through your skin because of the mist and heat associated with the bathing process.

There are much more in the list in his book, and a far wider variety of information as well. I'll continue the book's analysis and share some of the good parts as I can. If anyone's ever seen the book, they know it's definitely a whopper!

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